Squash blossom set identification help

Hello! First time to post… inherited this lovely squash blossom necklace, cuff, and ring set recently and have been trying to learn more about it. Any help will be appreciated. It’s hallmark is Sterling WB. The certificate wrapped with it says J Carrilla Apache and maker White Bear.

I did not find this specific WB hallmark nor anything that really looked like thIs style in my search and unsure of its history so I am reaching out.

I have uploaded several pictures here, if any others would be useful to help identify, please let me know. Hoping to learn a little about the maker, vintage, and turquoise type… I am still searching and I’d be happy to learn anything about the set. Thankyou!!


Beautiful pieces. Could the certificate say “Jicarilla Apache”. If so, this could indicate the type of Turquoise, Apache Blue.

Forgot to include this certificate that was wrapped up with it.

Thanks again for any help!!

Jicarilla Apache is a tribe in Northern New Mexico. Apache Blue turquoise is a rather new mine and the age of this piece suggests something different. We get piece work from a guy named Wilbert Benally who uses a W B mark like this. Could possibly be his work. I think of this stone as Chinese and the piece being from the 80s - 90s. Nice piece and enjoy wearing.

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Thankyou so much for the input on this set! I really appreciate hearing from you all!