Squash Blossom Set

Hi everyone! I received this set from my grandmother and am curious how much it is worth.

There is no artist signature but she remembers buying it back in the 70’s from a Hopi artist at a jewelry fair.

I would appreciate any thoughts as I’m sure many of you are much more knowledgable than I am with this type of jewelry.

Thank you!


The earrings are needlepoint which are generally Zuni. The squash blossom is not. You certainly could wear them together but they are not a “set”. Both are very pretty. I like the flat bezel set turquoise in the squash

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Very helpful to know this. Thank you!

Welcome to Turquoise People. Great pieces. The Zuni needlepoint earrings are a style still made today, $45-60. The necklace would be a Navajo shadow box squash blossom, looks like it could be a smaller creation, $600-$750.