Squash Blossom type necklace with real turquoise and brass beads

I bought this years ago because I liked the color of the stones! It want very expensive! It has what I believe is brass beads! The turquoise is actually teal green with black matrix! Pictures are below, it’s cloudy here but don’t the best

The small crimping beads near the clasp of the squash blossom tell me that this has been re-strung at some point in time. That, as well as that brass beads like this are rarely ever used in NA jewelry. At one point, this entire necklace was likely all silver colored, like the turquoise settings. The turquoise is set in nickel silver, not sterling. Someone else will have to confirm, but I’m wondering if those stones might be variscite :thinking: they are beautiful stones regardless of what they are

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TY, I always have something different! It’s my personality! I just buy what I like! The stones are really beautiful, almost a teal color! Have a good nite!

@Jason. Wondering if you know what kind of turquoise was used in this brass bead squash Blossom necklace! I thought it was turquoise, the stones are beautiful no matter what!

@Bigbree43: I would love to know how to tell it’s nickel silver - can you tell by the color of it in the photo? Thanks so much - I am having a blast reading all these posts and learning about you all. Steph

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I meant “learning from you all” – not “about” you all!

Hi Steph, I’m new and I am learning a lot as well! Since I’m over 50, I have a good collection of turquoise and still purchase it when I get a good deal! Nice to know others still appreciate and support Native American items!

These little “spots” are parts where the metal has worn away, and the base metal has been exposed. Sterling silver is solid throughout, and although the sterling can wear away from wearing it often, you will not see wearthrough like this. Only in silver plated or nickel plated jewelry do you see this. Nickel plated is most commonly used in Native jewelry, rather than silver plated.

Also, the patina on the leaves is not right, however, you will notice that after handling lots of jewelry and gaining experience :wink:


@Mspamelamarie: Cool! I am still trying to learn what a good deal looks like! It can feel daunting sometimes.

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Thanks so much, Bigbree! I love reading your posts!

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Thanks so much! You can always post pieces you are thinking about purchasing on here. Lots of what I know came from reading all the posts on this forum!

@Jason Do you mind looking at these stones and tell me what they could be! i don’t have a clue ! TY

I’d also call this a station necklace. Not a squash blossom in sight. Thanks for the wear pattern education.

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Pretty stones, might be varicite.

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What is a station necklace? I’m sorry , I’m new to this? I own one squash blossom necklace

I’ve not heard this term before either. I had to look it up. Each of the five pieces on your necklace is called a station. I even have one and didn’t even know it, although I’m a bit suspect of it’s origins.

I would call this Kingman, big and chunky.

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How much would y’all charge to rework this , nickel silver would be fine! You can email me Pamela.m.carter1980@gmail.com! These stones deserve to be reworked! TY

@Jason How much would it cost to rework this as a station necklace with Nickle silver! Just email me pamela.m.carter1980@gmail.com or text (270-776-6707! TY