Squash Blossum Necklace - Help!

I have always wanted a squash blossom necklace so my boyfriend bought one for me but I can’t figure out if it is real or not. It does not stick to a magnet at all. The stones have roughness where they should. The seller told him it was old pawn from the 1970s and the stones were most likely Morenci Turquoise because of the color and the presence of pyrite. It has one marking of “BT” on the back of the Naja. I can’t seem to find anyone to authenticate anything about it in Florida. It appears to have been polished and cleaned which is part of my hesitation although the inside of the squash blossom beads appears to be dirty and tarnished. Any assistance is appreciated.


Looks like a nice one with good turquoise. Your boyfriend did well!

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Certainly looks authentic to me. The construction and style is typical of the Indian jewelry “boom times” of the 1960-80’s where these were shop made for the tourist trade. It could very well be Morenci, it certainly looks like Arizona turquoise. I do notice there is one cab that seems to have either been replaced or has had something spilled on it that has affected its colour. As for the artist, I can’t pinpoint with 100% accuracy, it could be a couple of different people. It’s a good example of the style and turquoise of that period.


You’ve got a keeper! And the necklace is nice as well.


What a nice gift :smiley: Yes he is a keeper for sure. It’s a really pretty squash. I have a new respect for a cleaned squash, I purchased one recently and it’s gonna take me forever to clean it. :laughing: Congrats to you :grin:

@Alexandra , your boyfriend’s a keeper! And so is your beautiful squash! :blue_heart: