"Stabilized" turquoise?

This squash blossom necklace was purchased from a pawn shop in Flagstaff several years ago. It was appraised as silver, but I was told that the turquoise was “stabilized,” or finely crushed and reshaped with something like shellac. What bearing does this have on its worth? And what might its age be? No hallmarks.

<img src=/uploads/db1846/original/1X/987f42b63b0bc2b68a289c077336fadbd8e44e11.jpg">

Hello, if I could have a little bigger picture. Turquoise is a soft material and lower grades are very light and easily chip and crack. It will be stabilized to harden and bring out deeper colors, majority of turquoise is stabilized. Of course it is not as valuable as natural high grade but still has a value. Just need better detail of the piece, thanks for sharing