Stamped Sterling Hearts

I bought these beautiful earrings, but they are so heavy! Would it be a terrible thing to just make pendents out of them? Im just not sure what to do but i cant imagine anyone wearing something so heavy. If it ruins the value or they absolutely shouldn’t be seperated let me know. They are stamped MM /925.
Does anyone recognize this Hallmark. I know that their are 2 Native Americans that use MM but one uses italicized letters and the other has MM but they are off set. Thanks for helping.


I see a lot of letter combos there, but could find no matches. Maybe someone else can.

If you absolutely won’t wear them as earrings, I would definitely use them as pendants. It looks like you could slide a little chain through the hook where the wires are. I had a post on here last winter of a buckle (that I was never going to use as a buckle) changed to a pendant. I sent it to a store in Albuquerque to have converted. Now I wear it.

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Ok, great! I was worried about ruining the value by splitting them up but no way i would wear them, they are Heavy!

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Wow, i did not see those letters like that. Hopefully someone on here can solve the riddle.

Okay, I never said that it wouldn’t hurt the value, what I meant was if you’re going to keep them and not wear them, you might as well make it so you can use them. I have no idea if that will affect the value. But it does look like you could put the little wires right back on if you wanted to convert them back to earrings.


For me - if you can’t or won’t wear them - for whatever reason, where is the value (to you)? Make one a pendant & add a sterling jump ring to attach to a sterling pin. Like this Sterling Silver Safety Pins - RioGrande


I am also for altering pieces if it will encourage you to wear the piece. I don’t buy stuff I won’t wear so future value isn’t going to trump useability for me. To be fair, though, others on this forum know artists and value far better than I, and my buying is more secondhand and hodge-podge, so maybe if a person knew more about background of what they have, that could affect one’s decision to alter. :wink:


You are so right. I will doo some research before i split the pair up. I definitely would wear it as a necklace. I guess i could always keep boyh and wear one. Lol