Sterling Frog with inlay - Melvin Thompson?

Just rescued this little fellow and am in love with him. Marked “MT” - perhaps Melvin Thompson, Navajo? Any idea of the value or comments on this sweet pendant/pin. Anyone have info on Melvin Thompson? Is that a lightening bolt symbol. His eyes appear to be black onyx. Anyone know what the green stone is?

Always appreciate the vast amount of wisdom here on this site.


Cool little pin! I have a keychain with the same stamped initials “MT”. I, too, would like information on Melvin Thompson and to know if he is still active.

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I am not familiar with this artist, but did find this on a google search

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Jason - you are simply amazing. I have been looking at Melvin Thompson’s work and it didn’t really look like anything he had done. Mattie T will work and that IS the little critter but mine is prettier. Do you know anything about her? What about the light green stone in the “lightening bolt” - any idea as to the type of stone it might be.

Thank you so much.



The green stone is gaspeite or an imitation gaspeite. She was known more for cluster work. I imagine this is shop work, someone got her to make these silver frogs and then had another artist do the inlay work. I do believe she has passed. I know another silversmith that knew her well, I will ask next time I see him.

Interesting! You really need to pay close attention to the small details. The initials on my keychain look exactly like the one below and are attributed to Melvin Thompson. I now see that Melvin’s “MT” is different Mattie’s “MT”. Thanks Jason!

Any info on Melvin?


I don’t know Melvin Thompson, sorry.