Sterling silver snake necklace???

Any information would be greatly appreciated…this necklace is really heavy

I am going to venture a guess that this is not Native American. Any markings on it? I would bet on Mexico.

That is pretty cool, but I would agree that it is not Hopi, Zuni or Navajo. Thanks for sharing.

I have this same necklace and it’s pretty heavy at 6 1/2 ounces. Mine is marked Mexico.

Looks like a TH-86. Number not being very important. The T = Taxco, H = First initial of surname, number = registry using the “TH”. This will certainly date your piece as no older than 1980. These letter number marks were not intended to be used to identify the artist, rather to ensure taxes were paid on the silver production. Nice unusual piece though


Thank you so much. When I read that you said it looked like it was from Mexico, I checked mine out of curiosity. Thanks so much again for your insight on these stamps :blush: