Still waiting for my posts to show...

Hi everyone. I think this is where I should put this. Submitted 2 posts for approval yesterday (I’m new), but they haven’t been put up yet. How long does initial approval take? I see the post below where the person was on vacay, are they gone now or maybe just busy with life???

Why don’t you submit you posts in a regular category. Do you have something you want identified or possibly you’d like an idea of value of an item. Just select the one that fits your situation the best and post there.
The seventh icon from the left (up arrow over a bar) is for uploading pictures. Look forward to seeing your posts.

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Sometimes it takes a day or 2 to be approved for your 1st Post.

They are up now, thank you!

I did. That’s what I was wondering about. They went up about an hour after this, and would like to delete but I’m not seeing an option for that…

At the bottom of your Post/Reply are 3 dots (…)… Click it & 1 of those new buttons should look like a small garbage can… Click that & it should delete your Post/Reply, soon…?

No trash can. I think there may be something lacking in user capability.

trash can for replies, but not op’s.

Hmm… idk!
I learn something new all the time!?
Those 3 dots are “like a box of chocolates”…

Now I have to go & find 1 of my original Posts & see what I get!

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Yeah, I don’t get it… Let me know what you find…

I found you are right, you can’t delete original Post, you can only Edit!
Maybe you can Edit it into something?

Haha! I was thinking the same thing, but I think I’ll leave it alone. It may be of interest to someone else. Thanks for checking Pete!