Stone help?

It seems I have way more questions than answers, I know this is a Taxco piece, but I have searched the internet til my eyes are ready to explode and cannot make up my mind what kind of stone this is.

I looked at this style of jewelry with green colored stones and came up with a couple of possibilities, but afraid it will remain a mystery

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Could it be Malachite with Hematite? I have some rough that looks similar. Is the stone magnetic?

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Its not magnetic, though when it catches the light just right, it looks mirrorlike. The color really doesnt look like its from copper in the stone, but I have learned not to make that assumption. I think the closest thing I found when looking was green granite. But I was not confident enough in that to call it that.

I really appreciate the replies. I have tried looking at other pieces by the same artist, but could not find many, mostly stoneless, or with onyx, malachite, turquoise, and did see one ring with a sodalite cab.
There is also this piece which only appears on google history, and i cant find a close up pic of it, and I cannot verify its the same artist

I love malachite jewelry, but this doesnt look like it to me. I think that bloodstone could make some beautiful pieces too, but dont see it used much. Sometimes I wish silversmiths listed the rocks on their pieces too haha

Try a hot pin test. I suspect that this is a resin mix. Very common for Taxco after 1980. Is the stamp a letter number combination?

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It is TL-35 and also has initials in round seal for Margarita Vera Lagunas. Hot pin did nothing. I have it listed with unknown stones. Best I can do. Have put more hours into researching this piece than most, and still as clueless as when I started haha

The one on the left looks similar to some Mexican Leopard Opal I’ve seen, which can include opal with fire or the more opaque type; the black matrix is typically basalt. The green also resembles chrysoprase and it could also be that. The one on the right with the red spot and the green seams looks like it could be a mix of basalt, red jasper and green chalcedony/chrysoprase or maybe olivine. These are very interesting, one of a kind pieces!


thank you, gives me some things to reference, they are quite pretty, even if I never find out.