Stone ID - turquoise/coral ring

I have been eyeing this ring for quite awhile. I’m such an amateur and am now so afraid of fake stones that I hesitate to buy anything. The owner says the turquoise is Bisbee but admits that’s a guess, based on the color. The ring appears to be old to me but again . . . amateur. I would appreciate any thoughts about what type of turquoise the stone might be, whether it’s likely “real,” the age of the ring, etc.


Looks like natural Kingman or Morenci (athough it looks like the “pyrite” might actually be brass filings that were backfilled into the stone with epoxy before cutting took place). Natural coral, but not especially high grade. Looks like 70’s piecework production jewelry where the silversmith was provided with silver and stone and paid to make a batch of rings at a fixed price. Looks like there were once leaves or fans on the ring, but those have broken off.


I do have a nice Morenci ring which I love, and it is prettier than this piece, so I will pass - words like “epoxy” strike terror into my inexperienced heart. Thanks!


i agree with mmr about the fans or side accents. something is missing, or very sloppy. i really dislike that pixellated treatment on the photo - it makes it difficult to clearly see the character of the stones. also, the coral appears to be a possible replacement stone, based on how the bezel is sort of mashed in around it compared to the turquoise. either that, or the coral has loosened and someone inexperienced tried to secure it by squishing the bezel.

rings in this basic design always remind me of plump spiders. :smiley:


Ohh, eeww, I am not a spider fan. Outside ok inside, no. My cat eats them :flushed:

Agree on the ring. The coral does look kinda smushed in.

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It DOES look like a spider, now that you mention it. :open_mouth:

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