Stone quality

I’ve been told the white spots make this stone less valuable or lower in quality. Is this true…? I recently came across some stones refered to as water web turquoise. Could that be possibly what I see in my bracelet? Please explain & thank you :slight_smile:

Hi there!
Those white spots seem to indicate that the turquoise was stabilized prior to being set in your bracelet. This is due to the resins used to stabilize the stone not penetrating some areas. I had some stabilized turquoise cut a few years ago that had a very similar look. It was surprising to see the white spots when I was expecting solid blue stones. Stabilized turquoise will typically not be as valuable as natural stones although it has advantages such as being able to hold its color and being resistant to dust and scratches. Stabilized or not, the stones still have unique beauty and will not fade as easily with time.

Hello! :slight_smile: I apologize for my delay in thanking you. I hadn’t seen your response until now. That was indeed helpful information. And it cleared up what I’ve been wondering about for some time now. Thank you :smiley: