Story teller small pottery pieces

The amount of detail on these small figures, 3", The story teller
and the quail are bothenhanced all around. Does anyone know the meaning of the quail? The artist seems to be the same artist that created the watercolor that had the turtle stone on it.

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I must be blind. I don’t see a quail :person_shrugging:

Ha Ha! no your eyes are fine. The figure on the left is the quail. let me try another angle Quail is on left. His wing is painted on between the climbing boys shoesextending down along the back

The strung is that Tuff onfeathers on top of quail’s head

There is one just like Quail on ebay. They don’t have any history [

Vintage Native American Teissedre Quail Storyteller Sculpture W/ 4 Children 1986

](Vintage Native American Teissedre Quail Storyteller Sculpture W/ 4 Children 1986 | eBay)

I’m sorry, I’m no help on this. But at least now I see the quail!

That’s good! After the way I misidentified the Falcon and Roadrunner pendants I doubted myself!
I love the Story teller concept and artwork. I bought both pieces together. Thanks for trying. I did end up
reposting the Amber Falcon in the Non Native American section. It was a good suggestion.

It’s important to understand that these are commercially made molded items for the souvenir market, and not Native. They imitate but are not part of the Cochiti storyteller pottery tradition. Resale sites erroneously describe Teissedre items but sometimes more accurately state it to be “Native style.”

I had the honor of meeting Helen Cordero of Cochiti, who revived this historic pottery and achieved national fame for her work.


I did not know this. Thank you for giving credit and honor to Helen Cordero Your response is an excellent learning lesson/insight. Should I leave the post So that others can also learn from your knowledge and not be fooled as I was?