Sunshine Reeves seed pot

I have a Sunshine Reeves silver stamped seed pot. Here are some photos. Can anyone assist in evaluating this piece and where I could list it? Thank you!


Hi @AliceTX, You can buy a small round box by Sunshine Reeves for about $325. Assuming your seed pot is of equivalent size (2 to 3 inches in diameter) I would expect to pay about the same price. Please pay no attention to the post on eBay and the likes asking thousands of dollars for a small pot like this. A big vase made like this would be thousands.
Welcome, and I hope this helps.

I found one for $350…it’s almost 2 inches in diameter.


Yes it does! Thank you. I will list it for that price on EBay, unless you have a better suggestion of where to sell.

I bet you could sell it oon here!

We have a buy, sell, trade category!

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Thanks for
Letting me know. I will post it.

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Your welcome! Just be patient and you’ll get someone who’s interested I’m sure. Weird times right now