Suspicious looking turquoise bracelet

I purchased this bracelet online a few months ago. It photographed better than it looks in real life unfortunately. The seller is a boutique that caters to a sort of cutesy western audience; they claim their pieces are native made and real turquoise. Anyway, I think the stone looks suspicious, as the color is too uniform and the matrix doesn’t look right. I think it is could be block. Also, the silverwork doesn’t look right either. It won’t take a polish and the marks on the back don’t look right. They just seem off if that makes sense. What does everyone else think?


IMO the stone looks like naturally formed Turquoise stone and silver could well be handmade NA. Very pretty : )

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Perhaps the silver has been coated in something to prevent tarnish. The only thing I see that looks off is it looks like the cab has been glued into the bezel rather the bezel pushed over the cab.

It looks like a real piece of turquoise, just stabilization will give it that look. Also, it appears to be a steel wool finish to give it that old look, that isn’t going to polish up shiny.

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