Swede who wants info about bracelets

I live in Sweden and just recently began to collect silver and turquise jewellry. I have three bracelets i want to know a little bit more about. Just one has a hallmark stamp SO. Hope someone can help. best regards Robert Davidsson


Hi Robert, I couldn’t find any SO in my resource books. That second cuff that has the Eagle Stamp and 0925 looks to be Mexican, Likely from the Taxco area. IF you can give me the numbers on that stamp I will try and look it up. Having an Eagle stamp on Sterling would identify the age as Pre-1980’s, as they changed to a number letter system in 1980. I might be able to get more information with the number in the eagle. Nice stuff tho!

Hi and thanks for the reply. The numbers in the Eagle i think is 50…

I had a look in my book. Looks like it is most likely made by a person or shop in Guadalajara Mexico. The Eagle 50 was only used by three, I was able to match the eagle mark and the 0925 to an ALC stamp that used “Hecho en Mexico Guadalahara” stamped into a triangle along side the Eagle 50 and 0925. There is no further information given in the book. I would guess this to be from the 70’s, as that was when there was a serious uptick in Mexico producing Native American looking works.
While this is not a hugely valuable Native American cuff, I do think that it has value for what it is, as in a great representation of Mexican Silversmiths copying Native American work. I would think the value would be between $150 and $250 depending on the weight, and also on who would be buying it. Mexican Sterling Silver or “Taxco” has a great following. If it was mine I would keep it!

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Thank you very much for the long and informative answer. Im keeping it!