Sweet little bolo with nice turquoise and a Frank Patania look

254B8EC8-4740-4753-B91C-760A9741C9F2 Have had this bolo for a while but have been busy. It is not marked at all but appears to have some age. Someone mentioned that it reminded her of Frank Patania’s work so I went back and looked. It does have that smooth, simple, timeless look but alas no marks. I was lucky enough to purchase a Patania cuff years ago and I love the look. Anyhow, back on track, can anyone give me a clue about the turquoise and possibly the age?F767CE7E-FD0F-4884-929D-52A4670F814A F767CE7E-FD0F-4884-929D-52A4670F814A


It is something good from Nevada and I think we could be comfortable saying 50s - 60s.

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Thanks. The fishscale I gave Daddy had that look also. Slightly small than the new ones and appeared to be in the same age bracket. I really like this one.

This is a great looking bolo. :+1:

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Can’t Identify the turquoise, but high quality.

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I was reading through an article about Turquoise mines (I think on Nevada Gems) and there was one line in the Blue Diamond description that seemed to match. The nugget at the top of the segment looked nothing like it.

Here’s a picture of Lone Mountain that’s nice too.