T. WEEBOTHEE Mosaic Ring Value

The day I received my ring I knew I acquired a great piece made by Lee & Mary Weebothee’s son, Taft, as a helpful member informed me on the very same day. Purchased from a shop that was closed about 1970, these hand made N.A. items are emerging, I am trying to get as many as possible. (will share more as they come in). It is a size 10-1/2 mosaic, evenly designed sterling ring with the five sacred stones edged with the rope border, split shank and some very fine inlay work. Signed in capital letters T. WEEBOTHEE, if it had no patina it would look new. Could I get an appraisal of monetary value as well as artistic. Thank You.

Ring looks nice, has an approximate retail value of $50 to $70. Artistry is typical–nothing amazing, but not bad. Its a nice ring!

Appreciate your reply, I get a lot of compliments while wearing it (T.W. made the stones nice and tight and straight) . I have seen the pattern, morning star?, on several different pieces (some not as carefully made as others!). Plan to hold on to it for a while, it can only get nicer in time, like not removing the great patina it has acquired. At those prices it was worth the money, need to find more like that! Thanks.