I bought this ring at a trading post in Colorado years ago. What is this chunky turquoise? Is “Tawa” a shop name? It has maker initials, but they’re partially blocked by the way the ring shanks are soldered on.

I’ve seen a few pictures of the hallmark online but none say what Tawa is, :smiley:

source: https://encyclopedia.thefreedictionary.com/Hopi+mythology


I imagine it is some manufacturer or shop name with the artist initials. Did a search and found a few of them, this one shows you the whole stamp.

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@Steve wonder if this is how the trade/shop name came about…after this deity.

@Jason thank you! Yes, seems to be the same. Most of what I saw seems to be similar…all in this same style with the gold wash. Seeming more and more like it may indeed be a shop name/trade style.