Teddy Goodluck necklace

I’m hoping to get some information about this pretty little Teddy Goodluck necklace. It’s about 18” long. The centerpiece is slightly more than 2 1/4” and it weighs 14.64g. The center turquoise is 5/8” by 3/8” and the side ones are 1/2” by 1/4”. I’m curious about how old it might be and especially what the turquoise is. It has a good color and a good bit of pyrite and I was wondering if it might be Morenci. Of course I just saw a picture of Kingman that Jason posted and that seemed to have a lot of pyrite also.
Thanks for your help.

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Teddy started making jewelry in 1971, and seems to be fond of using shadow boxes in his jewelry. I’ve noticed that the stones he uses tend to be of high grade, and his finished pieces seem to retail for a good amount. The stones look like Kingman with pyrite to me. If this piece were unsigned, i would have it priced around $185. But because it’s a Teddy I would say $250-ish seems right. Here’s and identical Onyx necklace that already sold on eBay.

Perry Null also did an interview with Teddy If you’re interested:



Thanks for the info. That article was interesting and now I know when he started using the clover hallmarked. It’s a pretty little piece.

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