The Legend of C.G. Wallace

Last night, I reread the article in Arizona Highways (August 1974) on C.G. Wallace. I couldn’t help but admire his life and respect his dedication and contribution to the Zuni people. Then I found the post on Perry Null’s blog that didn’t paint such a pretty picture of Mr. Wallace. I have to admit, it was a little disappointing to read, however I am still intrigued with his life.

Are there any other articles or books on C.G. Wallace that I am missing? Also, feel free to share your thoughts on Mr. Wallace in this thread.

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This comes from a writer named Ernie Bulow, Ernie Bulow | The Tony Hillerman Portal. He has spent a significant amount of his life around Zuni. He would be a good resource for you wanting more information.

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Thanks Jason. So Ernie wrote the post on the blog?

Yeah, and that is the edited down version. Like all stories, you have those who focus on the good and others the bad.

Interesting. Is the unedited version available anywhere?

I tried to find it on my computer, unsuccessful. I believe Ernie would be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

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Found C.G. Wallace’s obituary. Thought I would add it to the thread for anyone interested.