The one that got away

Soooo i know we all probably have a few pieces we kick ourselves over - things we missed out on and still think about. i missed bidding on a pair of earrings by mere minutes, i think it was a wifi issue, and poof they were gone. I have been trolling various auction sites for months thinking whoever bought them might resell them, since they snapped them up for like $20… to no luck. Can’t find a pair close enough to satisfy me, either. sigh ridiculous longing, over such a simple thing.

what pieces linger in your mind, long after you missed out?


I still think of a scene that I missed with my camera….


A Harry H. Begay heart ring in spiny oyster. I first saw it worn by a customer at Four Winds Gallery years ago, she had bought it there at some point and was just showing it off to John again. I nearly lurched at her. :grin: Large and showstopping, so unique in the heart shape and his characteristic amazing silverwork. Sigh.

It stuck in my mind for years and I went hunting online…Marti Struever had two, and I didn’t buy and I didn’t buy and, poof. After Marti passed and Bonnie took over the inventory and legacy, I contacted her…unfindable.

So all points bulletin, if you see one, hit me up.


Here’s my ghost, haunting me for 2 years. My palms
are sweaty looking at the pic (dramatic I know!)

:frowning: Was sold for I believe under $150. It hurts to look at…
If anyone knows where I can find one please reach out :heart:


I feel all your pain! But fortunately me for me my stories have only ended well. I saw a cuff at Ogg’s in Prescott. Didn’t buy it cuz it was a little out of my price range at the time, thought about it often. Went back three years later, and bingo! It was still there; bought it. That actually happened to me later a second time -at Ogg’s.


I love that necklace!


I wish I knew where it was or one like it :disappointed:


It’s still this ring for me. Ugh.

While I’m not sure of the provenance of the stone—the ring is made by Navajo silversmith, Sheila Tso. This was purchased by a local gem shop here in Nashville in March of 2021. I visited this ring quite a few times at the shop, but didn’t have room in my budget to snag the ring at the time. Sadly, I missed out on it, but I choose to believe that someone else needed that stone more than I did.

I did snag three other rings from that specific bunch by Sheila—but I think about this one daily. I’m working with a Navajo silversmith to replicate it in the near future.


@chicfarmer OMG what great rings; love both settings! I’m going to the Southwest the first week in March and will watch for one of these…although to be honest, I might snap it up…maybe they will have 2😬

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@Bmpdvm I knew I ran a risk by oversharing. :yum: If it’s meant to come my way, it will.


@chicfarmer lol…actually if I happen to come across one, I’d let you know. I’m at the age that I should refrain from buying much more, but you know how that goes😆.


@Bmpdvm Same same. I don’t need this to materialize but would be happy if it did–and happy if we’d both snag one. :partying_face:


I still think about this bracelet a lot, but the bidding just got out of hand.


@Emily - that tends to be my issue as well (I don’t have deep pockets), so I’ll start bidding, but usually get outbid fairly quickly on some pieces that I really like. Although I’ve caught people sleeping every once and a while and actually won my bids, happy dancing ensues.


@chicfarmer I’ll keep my eyes open for your heart ring out in the wild. I’m imprinting the image in my mind and maybe it will find me!

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