Thinking of squash blossoms

Hi all! I am thinking of placing a bid on this squash blossom necklace at a local auction. They have no notes on age or type of turquoise. What mine do you think it originates? Does it seem super shiny? How old? And what would be a reasonable acquisition price? I don’t own a squash blossom necklace and would like a “classic” forever piece.Uploading: 272BE075-290E-48D0-8A10-C2F5994C25A5.jpeg…


I really like the look of this. Probably looks older than it really is, I would guess the 1970s, possibly Blue Gem, $700 - $900.

Ooh cool. I’ll bid for it in and see how it goes. Thank you!

I bid and won! Got it a bit higher than Jason’s estimate, with fees and taxes. I really like it…nice size, scale and all. I’m wearing it and the black tarnish is coming off nicely. There are no markings. I wonder if it’s Sterling silver…it seems really heavy and smells kind of like an old copper penny. I think I may have gotten a plated piece. As such, I think I may have paid too much. I am wondering if the value is more in the turquoise stones than the silver part anyway. I’m not going to fret but looking for reassurance…thanks all.

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The pictures sure don’t look like silver plate. The beads appear to be handmade and the turquoise is great. I know there are very many people that insist on “patina” but living in the hot, humid south eastern area of the country it can become black and crudy. That tarnish comes off on my clothes and just doesn’t accent the beauty of the piece. If I can clean something up with just a little polishing with a jewelry cloth, I clean just enough to enhance the turquoise. If it’s truly filthy, then it’s time to resort to an old toothbrush and on occasion a little plain toothpaste. I’ve picked up a couple of things lately that had green oxidation and they needed the toothpaste treatment.
Why don’t you try lightly polishing with a jewelry cloth. That may remove some of the smell and brighten it up a little. Be careful around your turquoise.
Good luck. It a really nice looking squash blossom.


Can you test it with a strong magnet? Sterling silver should have no magnetism where most plated metals do. Although copper doesn’t, it still might give you an idea.

Thank you. It’s looking a lot brighter with more “handling” I agree that silver patina isn’t desirable. It didn’t dawn on me that the smell comes from the tarnish…that’s great news! Will report back. Thanks again!

Bad news? There definitely is some magnetic pull. I found it bear the clasp and on the solder behind the blossom bells. Is that acceptable ti have iron on the solder? Also Upon closer inspection, the underlying chain is not the typical foxtail chain but looks like the common wiring chain that they use in beading classes. I suspect at some pint there was a repair …or worst case, this is an outright fake😢.

But it is still really a beautiful piece, I think. Here it is on me. Hoping this is actually an authentic native american piece. Maybe the turquoise is still worth what I paid. Going to clean more to see if sterling or plated. Also there was some discussion somewhere on how to tell handmade beads.

Ugh . Hoping for the best. Not sure if there is much recourse. Caveat emptor. Feeling kinda sad :pensive:

I will let others weigh in but I would not be too concerned if the magnetism seems confined to those two locations. As you said it may just be the solder. If the whole peice were silver plate I would expect to see it at the naja. I also wouldn’t think that the fact that it’s not strung on foxtail necessarily means that it’s not NA. I have seen (and have some) beads which are strung on regular beading wire. I’m pretty sure I have seen it on squashes. And as you say it may have been restrung. To me this necklace appears authentic. But again, there are many on here more knowledgeable than me and I will let them weigh in.

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Chain is commonly used as well as foxtail. I still don’t think you have a fake. Some turquoise is actually slightly magnetic in its own right. Depends on the minerals where it was mined. Could also be solder or even the backing behind the turquoise cabs. It looks great on! My advice is to quit worrying and enjoy wearing it!


Looks pretty real to me! I’m no expert but I have 5 genuine turquoise sterling blossom styles.

If that is fake, it would have fooled me too. That looks too authentic to period to be fake.

The patina, stones, and work would indicate this is the real deal.