This made my day

I found this at an estate sale. I wish y’all could see the picture through the view master. There was one of a Hopi silversmith, and the turquoise some of the people were wearing was awesome. I think it is probably from the 50’s or 60’s. The rest of the reels are from different places. I’m having so much fun with them!


Looks like fun!
I would’ve bought this too.

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Fun! Enjoy going through it. And bonus, it all came in a 3 musketeers box!


We collect Old View master reels too! This is like finding the Holy Grail.!!! Congratulations. It was a fun part childhood in the early 60s.


It’s like going on vacation for free. I love looking at the vintage automobiles and fashions. There is a picture of a woman standing on a sand dune in Great Sands national park. She is wearing a dress and sensible shoes. :joy: I love it!


OMG, Lowell Thomas…that’s a name from my long ago and forgotten past😆


Oh my goodness, you are right! We have a picture of my family standing on the sand dunes in White Sands National Park in '69. My grandma is in a dress and sensible shoes and has a hat on!

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