This week’s acquisitions (and a couple of questions)

I acquired a few pieces today. One I purchased. One was given to me by a friend. One should have cost 20 cents but when I tried to give the man my quarter he told me to keep it and pay it forward.

Do y’all think the bracelet is turquoise or chrysocolla?

Do you think the fetish necklace is Native American made? The fetishes are all beat up. There is a turtle with a missing head, a bear with a missing leg and most of the bird tails are chipped or missing. Is there any monetary value in a necklace this beat up?

Lastly I realize the earrings are tiny, but aren’t they cute!?

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Nice cuff! Those are really cute earrings, and wouldn’t be heavy. I don’t have any idea about the necklace, they’re not really my thing, so I haven’t learned much about them.

I’m thinking it’s turquoise, but I’m not very knowledgeable about chrysocholla.


The bracelet looks like turquoise, it doesn’t have the Chrysocolla “look” to me. It also looks like a hand hammered split shank made during the “Harvey Era” but Native made not an eastern blank. Silver is to thick for shop made stuff.
The necklace is Zuni, and I’m willing to bet by a known carver. Probably made before stabilization was in wide use which would explain a lot of the broken carvings. Course it doesn’t take much to break something as delicate, you can catch it in a drawer and the damage is done.
The earrings look like they could have been made from flattened dimes & nickels, hard to tell without seeing the backs. One cab isn’t set right, but hey, nice pieces, all of them.


Thank you so much! Here are the backs of those earrings. I found the necklace in a thrift store. I am sure it had been thrown around a bit. It was all twisted up and had a extender attached to it when I rescued it.

I know little about fetish necklaces and generally stay away from them due to the high number of imports. I think this one might be the real deal as everything looks individually carved vs identical. If it was decided the broken parts detracted from value as a necklace, it would still have value for parts.

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Really nice cuff that I believe is turquoise.

Can’t speak to the fetish necklace except that I’m personally wary of believing a Zuni quality origin with randomly acquired ones.

The earrings look like they could be converted buttons, or maybe just commercial. Cute. Congrats!

What fun pieces! I’d wear them all. Enjoy!

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