This Week's Flea Market Finds

I didn’t find too many pieces at the last Flea market I was at, but I didn’t come back empty handed. The little bells are my favorite, each one is stamped “handmade.” I’m also really impressed by the size of the turquoise Heishe, even though they’re not Native made. I’m struggling what to price them at since the Heishe are so nice, but the components of the necklace don’t do it justice. The Hopi cuff also has a Terry Wadsworth stamp on the inside, not a bad find for a $15 cuff.

I also found these Interesting pieces:

This one was most likely a key fob. I haven’t tested it but I’m sure it’s not sterling, likely nickel.

I also found this mystery piece. It was clearly a button, but I have no idea what the material is, or if it’s Native made or it just accidentally fell off of somebody’s handbag :joy: It’s an organic material, either shell or stone and is concave.


Nice find for every piece. Love the heishe and it’s components. Think I’d price $180 - $220 in our store. I think my prices are on the low end - like to turn sooner than later. Love the last little bird. My personal fav is the simple small heishe. Bells are always special. Will share the biker legend in case you don’t know so you can market to riders as well. Wish I could share our last finds I think some cool pieces, but they are not Native or turquoise. THE LEGEND OF THE BELL

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Those little bells are called mother in law bells. These are some of the first things made by Navajo silversmiths. Men go to live with their wife’s people, this warned him when his mother in law was coming over to his hogan. Why are we not calling this turquoise Native?


I think that piece of shell is a thunderbird and was at the bottom of a necklace, something similar to this


Thanks for this post. I learned something new! I did not know about those little bells. So interesting and cool!


The barrel beads didn’t look right to me Jason. And the toggle clasp (which is not silver) made me think that. What are your thoughts about it?

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I agree with that, but I would imagine it has just been restrung. That turquoise looks nice, the tapered style, I would call that Santo Domingo work.


I love seeing treasures that others find! Love bells, heishi is beautiful and I have a thing for bugs, so! You did good! Congrats!

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Reviving an old thread here. :grin:

Today’s flea market finds; including possibly the tiniest ring I have ever seen!

Everything except the earrings are unmarked. RH are the initials on the back of the earrings. I don’t have all the watch parts to use the watch tips properly, but couldn’t turn them down. I’m thinking of maybe making earrings out of them.


Very nice! I adore the little ring :grinning: I didn’t know this thread existed. Most of my finds are flea market or thrift store finds. Maybe a few from pawn shops.

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Terry Wadsworth cuff for $15…what a steal. We don’t have Flea Markets like that in the Midwest!