If I ever played the lottery and won, I’d get this.

They’re described as being made with Navajo rugs, vintage chap leather, Native made silver and turquoise conchos, and hand cut fringe. A girl can dream!


I like it! Life is short. Treat yourself. :slightly_smiling_face: I’ve been tempted many times by the throw pillows on Medicine Man’s website that are made with vintage Navajo weavings.


We have a new business in Gallup that is doing this style, Nomad Mercado | Kestrel Leather | Gallup


I adore bags made from Navajo rugs, especially older rugs, and have a couple from a wonderful designer, Santa Fe Scout Collection (Instagram and FB). Of interest to y’all is that she embellishes the bags with Navajo buttons and pins, along with fallen antler, horse tack, beads, and fringe. Straps are old horse reins etc; she goes for a weathered look. The textiles are beat/no longer functional rugs, which she sources from a NA rodeo bull rider who’s a dealer.

Here are my two (the mannequin shot was in her studio). The big one’s strap is an old tooled leather belt that reads “Bill.” :grinning:


I just checked out the website, pretty cool, and those are much closer to my price range! Although I did just buy a bag made by an awesome company that works to keep women out of sex trafficking. Maybe next year!


Those are too awesome! Aww, ya mean you don’t display your stuff at home like that?:grin:

That name is really familiar; I’m thinking a few years ago there were a few of her purses on the Britwest site, but I might just be getting mixed up. And on a side note Britwest has a booth at NFR in Vegas right now. So wish I could go!

Along with this forum, I tend to check the Britwest site regularly, because even though I’m not on Facebook and Instagram, I can link to her site and look at her photos. Now I’ll have to do the same with both these others.


The strap on your top one looks kinda like one of my belts, although mine doesn’t say Bill lol

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I do know she used to sell at other retailers, there was one in Santa Fe, I think Santa Fe Dry Goods. So, possibly Britwest too.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


sigh…seeing this the day I was cutting up a little “indian style” throw & red wool coat (rummage sale stuff) to use for decoration,handles,lining for bags,pouches,wallets using old leather jackets, out-for-trash leather furniture,etc.

btw…hardware stores have leather= “chammies” make really nice draw-string “medicine bags”


Ooooh :heart_eyes:Love your bags, and the mannequin display is fabulous!:heart:! What a great idea, but she needs arms for some wonderful cuffs - HaHaHa. I initially thought it was your display!

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