Thomas Singer Buckle

Hoping everyone can help me out with this one. I think maybe the Turquoise is throwing me off of the value. I have an option to buy it, but really unsure of it’s value. Any assistance would be much appreciated.

The weight, mass and design resemble this one.

I got a lot of results when I googled “Thomas Singer Buckle” and many have prices.

This looks legit. My struggle with buckles is that regardless of how old they are, I can’t seem to get more that $100-$125 for one in the store. But for a Tommy Singer, I think I would be selling for around $250-$325 depending on the size. And I wouldn’t really negotiate any lower. I found some comparable ones that sold on eBay as well.

For $250-$300 It might be a long time before it sells, but that’s okay, cuz this is a Tommy Singer! If this is for your personal collection, I think you should feel very safe spending around $200- $250

Thanks to both of you! It is now in my collection and I can wait to sport it this weekend! Much appreciated!

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I’m happy for you. I have what may be a Tommy Singer piece coming my way in the mail, too. I’ll post it once I get it and we’ll figure that one out, too.

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