Thomas Singer Hallmark

I have a fair collection of Thomas Singer pieces and am always looking for more. Presently there are many items for sale with a hallmark I have never sen in my 25 years of research and the sellers tell me to research it. It is on cast pieces and is “STC” all in a straight line. I know the staggered “STC” as Thomas’ and just want to have a reference if this other one is his.

I’ve researched them pretty good in the last few years and I’ve not seen the letters in a straight line. I have a peyote bird necklace with the S and a crescent. But hey, my few years hardly makes me an expert. Any one else?

Is it a “S” with a cresent opening toward the “s”?

Yes, the opening of the crescent is opening towards the S.

All my research shows the hallmark as “artist unknown”. I have one more source but it is at a friend’s , if I learn anything new I’ll post it. Very nice piece!

Thank you, and yes any new information you find out would be appreciated.

I’ve seen that STC in a straight line also on a lot of watch bands. I’m wondering if it’s Skyway Trading Co. I’ve seen some seller’s reference STC as Skyway in the listing, whereas others claim it’s Tommy Singer. But if one really looks close as the inlay, which is impossible in a photograph…there is a difference. STC had a mark that was in a straight line but with an arch for a brief time, then STCo. and then I think just STC. Some of it is marked USA.

Then again, who knows? I’ve got my one known Tommy Singer piece mounted in a shadow box as there is some inlay missing and didn’t want to risk any additional damage. But it does have the STC mark you refer to. I’ve got another piece I posted here a few days ago with a T mark that sure looks like his, but also has the Ortega Shop mark. I’m clueless. Do you have any Singer pieces with the T hallmark?

Nice piece and that is the only “STC” I know that Tommy used. I have about 50 pieces with his hallmark as a T, Tc, STC . and his various signatures. I think he also used just an “S” but not positive. I also have pieces from his cousins Charlie and William. Many times I see the “Ortega” mark along with an artist and I just go with the artist.

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