Thoughts and Assistance w/ this Turquoise/Unsigned Bolo Tie

Hello Everybody, and Happy New Year to you all.

I could use your insights on this Bolo Tie, please and thanks! :smiley:
I have multiple photos below and angles of this large piece. It is not signed, and does not look to be 925 silver from first glance. I could not locate any identifiable stamps anywhere, even on the end tips.

I’m looking to find out what type of Turquoise this is and possibly where it is from, and if you can tell what metals the bezel and end tips could be composed of based off the photos. Could be coin silver, but any insight you can give me would be very helpful. There is some green patina present in some areas, especially the solder points on back. The turquoise consists of 2-3 hues of green, as well as some slight blue-green coloring, along with the brown to tan matrix within the stone, and at close up range, you can see some very small dots of metal or copper content within that brown matrixing. Could be pyrite, but the specks are so small, that I can’t confirm this 100%. Thanks in advance. Have a great day!


Looks like Pilot Mountain to me …it has hues that go from blue to green fade-but I am no expert- Also to test all u need is a stone and test chemical easily done at home and worth investing as it is impossible to tell in pic if real! Especially tarnished because it could be plated etc…

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Could be a piece of pilot mountain. from the looks of the metal I would think that is silver.

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Thanks so much. Yes, we may look into getting more testing equipment for the shop here. That would make identifying turquoise so much easier for us. Thanks for the input :smiley:

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Thanks so much, Jason. Much appreciated :smiley: Yes, it does seem to be silver for sure, however with the way it has worn, it threw me for a loop and I’m torn. Very nice Bolo, nonetheless. Thanks again for the input :slight_smile: