Three different hallmarks, two are somewhat contemporary pieces, any clues?

Rainy day here and just browsing. Found 3 different pieces that look interesting but in going through the hallmark books that I have access to, nothing matches up. Anyone have a guess or perhaps all three are imports.
Thank you for your time and maybe clues.

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Here are some MT’S to check out. You could check out some online sites for the pictographs. One is Just google Native American hallmarks and several will come up. Good luck

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The middle piece is Wilford Begay, he makes silver kachina dolls and pots. If you could please add photos of the craftsmanship that would help, thank you.


Thanks Jason for the Begay ID. The attached photos first bracelet has the MT hallmark, the one that appears with silver granulation is the other arrowhead. I have searched any MT hallmarks but none resemble this style of bracelet.
Closest I could match was Lonn Parker, but obviously not MT. As for the second bracelet, wonder if it is actually Native American. Thank you Island Momma for your suggestions. It is always a learning experience and I have appreciated the education I have received through this forum

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Here’s an MT.

And this reminds me of your other, but not sure.

But I didn’t look up any of their work for comparison.

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That first cuff is in Lonn Parkers style. I bought a similar one recently and it didn’t match Lonn’s. Wrong heighth, number of inlays and weight. Turns out it was by his father Lennie. (It was not marked and a NA friend identified it). I have seen others done in the same style with the MT hallmark and I’m trying to remember the name. It may have been Milton Tsosie but I’m not 100% on that. If I can find the post I’ll add more. Lovely cuffs. :blush: