Thrift Ring - Is the Turquoise real?

This ring was bought for $40 from a thrift store. The top of the ring itself is not silver as it tarnished when exposed to acetone. The ring base is silver as it did not tarnish when exposed to acetone. The stone itself (although it looks nearly flawless) has survived acetone, scratch, and red hot pokey tests. So having passed all of these tests I would assume the stone to be real turquoise that is not stabilized. I suppose it could be a natural look alike stone but what do you think?

Welcome to the forum. If I saw this ring I would think it was a piece of turquoise and goodluck.

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Thanks so much Jason! I feel at home here :grin: Im hoping its real, but im new to turquoise so just wanted to make sure. If it is real, I would expect it to be very valuable due to the incredible color. :crossed_fingers:

Is the gold tone I’m seeing due to your testing, to differences in picture tone, or was it goldish? Not sure how gold wash or stuff like that tests, but maybe the top had an overlay.

On the metal you mean? Yea the top metal work looked like silver like the rest of the ring however it’s the only part of the ring that reacts to acetone and I can tell the top design was fused with the ring base so I don’t think the top metal is silver.