Thunderbird cuff stamped "TURQUOISE"

I picked up this Fred Harvey Era type Thunderbird cuff the other day.
There are no markings other than the word “TURQUOISE” stamped on it.
It’s really a nice piece of workmanship - except the stone is rather ugly - LOL.
Anybody have any thoughts on this?


I’m not sure but I think I recall this type of stamped bird jewelry being sold at the powwows back in the late 60s to early 70s by “Indian jewelry” sellers. Seems to me they had a huge selection of this type of jewelry quite inexpensively priced. The Indian School also sent one of these birds in the form of a keychain to my mom when she donated money to them. All that being said I hesitate to call this NA made and wonder if ole Fred Harvey rolled in his grave again. Just my opinion.


Machine made, little to no handwork (hence no workmanship to speak of), thin sheet silver. It was a cute, inexpensive souvenir back in the day. There are also high-end FH pieces with good silver and good stones that are quite collectible.


This doesn’t look vintage to me, it looks reproduction.


Thank y’all. You told me what I was thinking. The “workmanship” was too perfect.
Appreciate your thoughts and comments.

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