Tighten a loose stone

Ok long post he but lets get started. 1st some terms:
a bezel is the metal strip that surrounds your stone. its very thin and pliable. It can buckle or wrinkle if you work too much on one side and not evenly around the stone. with the high cab you have this should not be a problem.
Burnishing tool . a curved or straight polished metal tool for pushing the bezel into place around a stone. Today you can use a spoon !
Sawdust . May come as a suprise but this has been used for centuries and is still used today for mounting stones like turquoise. The best is a fine boxwood dust. It levels and packs good but can excape if given the chance.
Photos Things that save us time in explanation :rofl: !

I’m pointing to the bezel…here is where you will apply the presure.

Professional burnishing tool and what you can use today.

Boxwood sawdust…or just fine sawdust.

Lets get started. 1.Hold your piece with the stone pointing up. level the sawdust in your piece by lightly tapping the piece on a table top like you are shaking the dust down and leveling it under the stone…that’s what you are doing. If the bail…the loop part gets in the way then move to the edge of the table where the table only strikes the flat surface of your piece. Shake it down.
2. Hold your piece like this in your weak hand and hold the stone tightly to pack the sawdust… continue holding like this till we are finished

  1. It’s important to remove the sawdust from around the stone. You don’t want it trapped between the stone and the bezel so blow hard into the area between the bezel and stone. Continue holding .
    Now with your strong hand hold the spoon like this.

Use the curved polished bottom of the bowl to push the bezel to the stone. This should be done in a smoothing motion like you are smearing clay over a surface. One caution here be sure you are not marring your your piece with the edge of the spoon. Only use the smooth curved portion. Imagine your piece has 4 sides and do a little on all four side ,while adjusting your grip, to be sure your stone stays centered. Now with a smoothing motion and with sufficient pressure to move the metal continue around the stone several times till it does not rattle any more. Your stone is beefy so don’t worry about it cracking unless you see a flaw that concerns you. You can release your grip now and test your work by tapping the stone with your finger to see if it rattles. If so grab it as before and continue to push the bezel over some more. That should fix it ! Hope that helps, Kyle


Well, I found the repair categorie!
Thanks again for this Spoon fix Kyle :raised_hands:
I posted elsewhere how using this tapping motion saved my “snagging” arrow point on my 'ol cuff!

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