Today's most desirable/valuable turquoise?

I grew up in the 70s when Bisbee, Morenci, and Kingman, to name a few, were at the top. Curious, what are today’s most desirable/valuable turquoise stones that are currently being produced from active mines?

Also, is there a comprehensive list of mines and if they are still active or not?


The most valuable turquoise is Lander Blue and Lone Mountain. However, it seems that many of these old mines have been turned into gold mines or inactive. The Ottesons’ are always producing new mines, Blue Moon and Black Widow come to mind. You might check with to see if you can find an active/inactive list, if not ask Bob at

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Great! Thanks Jason!

This list a couple dozen mines each linking to an image of stones from that mine and a brief history. I found this a couple of days ago and bookmarked it

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Thanks AC. That is a great resource!

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