Tommy Singer bolo/necklace “end of the trail” with turquoise

My Mother’s Day present arrived today and wow what a totally awesome surprise! We have an agreement here that I buy something I love and they foot the bill and after many, many years I found a Tommy Singer piece that I really liked and that sold for a price that was in my designated budget. The only measurement was the weight of 170grams and I didn’t want to ask questions and draw too much attention to the listing. I was guessing at the size based on my other bolos and was floored when I opened the package.
The bolo is 23” on each side; the tips are over 4”s; the leather cording is 3/8” wide and the slide is approximately 3 3/4” by 3”. The turquoise is 1” by 7/8”.
Can anyone identify the turquoise, give me an approximate age and provide a realistic value?
I’ve been so excited that I went to show my Dad and haven’t even started researching. Thanks in advance and Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Mothers in this group!


This is very nice. I do not have a Singer piece yet but hope to someday. Congrats on your great buy!

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Thanks. I hope you find yours soon.

Thank you! Such a beautiful Singer piece…the turquoise looks like Bisbee blue to me but turquoise is not my expertise…wear it proudly with your Children all around you!

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Great piece, love the attention to detail throughout the piece, great leather, great tips, great design. The turquoise is a piece of Sleeping Beauty. I would guess the bolo to be 1980s - 90s.

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Thanks for the information as always. Can you give me any idea of value?

These can get expensive, seems that a lot of people collect his work. We had one a couple of years ago that had this nice aged look like yours and ours seemed to sell around $900. I think you might be looking around $900 - $1200. Did a quick search online and didn’t find anything older like this one, newer one going for $800.

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Thanks! That’s sort of what I had in mind but I wasn’t finding anything really similar. I can now officially say I got a steal.
He’s not for sale but I keep bugging you for info because I’m compiling a book of jewelry info about my collection for my children. I really appreciate the professional help.

100% you got a deal! and a very good snipe I might add! I dropped $300 on it in the last 10 seconds! You did well to go higher!~ :slight_smile:

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I had a feeling I’d been competing with some of you. That was just too good not to move out of my comfort zone a little. Sorry you missed it but I’m equally happy to have it. I’ve waited a lot of years for that one.
Happy hunting my friend! I’m sure we’ll meet on the bidding floor again. :relieved: