Tommy Singer bolo/necklace “end of the trail” with turquoise

My Mother’s Day present arrived today and wow what a totally awesome surprise! We have an agreement here that I buy something I love and they foot the bill and after many, many years I found a Tommy Singer piece that I really liked and that sold for a price that was in my designated budget. The only measurement was the weight of 170grams and I didn’t want to ask questions and draw too much attention to the listing. I was guessing at the size based on my other bolos and was floored when I opened the package.
The bolo is 23” on each side; the tips are over 4”s; the leather cording is 3/8” wide and the slide is approximately 3 3/4” by 3”. The turquoise is 1” by 7/8”.
Can anyone identify the turquoise, give me an approximate age and provide a realistic value?
I’ve been so excited that I went to show my Dad and haven’t even started researching. Thanks in advance and Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Mothers in this group!


This is very nice. I do not have a Singer piece yet but hope to someday. Congrats on your great buy!

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Thanks. I hope you find yours soon.

Thank you! Such a beautiful Singer piece…the turquoise looks like Bisbee blue to me but turquoise is not my expertise…wear it proudly with your Children all around you!

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Great piece, love the attention to detail throughout the piece, great leather, great tips, great design. The turquoise is a piece of Sleeping Beauty. I would guess the bolo to be 1980s - 90s.

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Thanks for the information as always. Can you give me any idea of value?

These can get expensive, seems that a lot of people collect his work. We had one a couple of years ago that had this nice aged look like yours and ours seemed to sell around $900. I think you might be looking around $900 - $1200. Did a quick search online and didn’t find anything older like this one, newer one going for $800.

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Thanks! That’s sort of what I had in mind but I wasn’t finding anything really similar. I can now officially say I got a steal.
He’s not for sale but I keep bugging you for info because I’m compiling a book of jewelry info about my collection for my children. I really appreciate the professional help.

100% you got a deal! and a very good snipe I might add! I dropped $300 on it in the last 10 seconds! You did well to go higher!~ :slight_smile:

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I had a feeling I’d been competing with some of you. That was just too good not to move out of my comfort zone a little. Sorry you missed it but I’m equally happy to have it. I’ve waited a lot of years for that one.
Happy hunting my friend! I’m sure we’ll meet on the bidding floor again. :relieved:

Wish I knew how to put pics on my friend left me over 500 pieces of Indian jewelry she got in AZ and nm in the 190 through 1970 even receipts on a lot of them I’ll try to learn how to post pictures of them when I get home in October alot have marks on them

It’s not hard once you have pictures of the items on your phone, tablet or whatever you use. Simply write your post and then click the icon along the top of the box. It is number 7from the left and looks like a box with a mountain in it. That takes you to your pictures and you click on which ones you want to use and click add/upload and they will be added to your post. I’m sure that many of us would be interested in seeing your jewelry. It sounds like your friend gave you a treasure! :blush:

Yes she did its overwhelming

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Yes i’m sure it can be overwhelming. I personally would be overjoyed to receive a big box of jewelry. Just take a deep breath and pick one or two pieces at a time and go from there. There are lots of knowledgeable people on here that will be able to help answer your questions. Also, if any have hallmarks we may be able to help you identify the maker. Pictures of the front and back are very helpful. They help to show Construction details and help determine age. A close-up of any makers hallmark is also good. Best of luck with your endeavor and I hope we will be able to help.

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Thank you I will try to post as soon as I get home in October I can’t wait to put the whole collection on hear I think everyone will be amazed

Can you tell me how to post pics on here and I’ll try to get some on I’m not to computer savy

Hit the reply arrow in the lower right of your screen.
Then click on the box in the lower right corner that looks like it has a mountain and sun in it.
Go to the image file on your computer and select it.
Hit the Reply button with the arrow on it.
Good luck!

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I see you posted something under the About the Introductions and Chat topic. I responded there, but I think you should try reposting it under one of the other categories such as this one or Identifying and Discovering. Try starting a new post with your items; I think you’ll get more responses.