Tommy Singer- GOLDCRAFT?

Can anyone tell me what the “Goldcraft” stamp accompanied on these Tommy Singer necklaces means? While I don’t know how credible the Horsekeeping website is, she says that it’s a line of jewelry designed by Tommy. Is there any validity to that statement?

I have seen different artists sell rights to their designs and the manufacturer gets to use the artist name on the work. I imagine this is what you have here. The awful thing is I cannot find anything related to Goldcraft. I wouldn’t this is something made by Tommy Singer.

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I can’t find anything about Goldcraft either… I never thought Tommy would allow a third party to use his name. I’m sad to hear that.

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please follow the trail in the links provided below.

“And Thomas himself passed along his skills to his children Richard Singer and Anthony Singer. His wife Rose Singer, continues to make his signature beaded necklaces under the new Hallmark T&R Singer. His brothers Charlie Singer and William Singer and sister Jackie SingerThomas are also jewelry makers, as is Thomas’ niece Lulu Begay.”

this link below will take you “wayback” to May 23 2009

most of the links within the archived pages still work.

My thoughts are that T. Singer Goldcraft tagged items represent a Singer family produced original.

“Thomas (Tommy) Singer’s legacy lives on in his intricate and detailed work. His Navajo designs echo not just in each piece but also through the craftsmanship of his wife Rosita’s work as well. She has continued the tradition begun by Tommy Singer.”

I have seen several sets of earrings with the gold trim/wave design. None of them had the “Goldcraft” designation. I also think that the rights were sold in some manner.