Tortoise Turquoise?


I am trying to identify the Cabochon in this Cuff - it doesn’t look like Howlite or White Buffalo and someone just said to me it could be from the Tortoise mine - but I’m not sure. Any help would be great!

Possibly this…

I had never heard of Tortoise Turquoise before, had to look it up. Seems like Durango Silver is your expert on this stone, you might send them a note. I would call it howlite, pretty stone.


Thanks - great minds think alike - I emailed Durango earlier today! I got a reply from Dillon Hartman who runs the Tortoise mine (great of him to get back to me - really helpful too). He said it could be Tortoise as he has pulled stones like this one from the mine but it could also be New Lander, which I hadn’t considered.
Great to get some input/thoughts on it.

Thank you! X


Thanks for this - I have had a look but still not sure - I’ve had a reply from Durango Silver and it looks like it could be Tortoise Turquoise or from the New Lander Mine - It’s very pretty whatever it is!

Thanks for the help xx

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I love it -very pretty