Trade or Sell

Don’t have a business but want to trade and sell your art? Like the looks of something else in the forum? Have something you have worn to many times? Post it here and maybe one of the forum uses are interested in a trade or sell.

Want to sell or trade a few items, not letting me upload resized small photos.

we are working on this, sorry.

Try now… I think I have this fixed…

Image test? (this is not for sale…)

<img src=/uploads/db1846/original/1X/f812060b7b3fbafe01b1f89ccc9116daf1b443cf.jpg">

OK… it seems to work. Just remember that when you upload the image, it will only show a link (not the full image) in the post box… but once you click “Post Comment” it will show up in your message.

Not working, 25.8 kb is that too big?

no, I just uploaded (and deleted) a 1mb file…

can you tell me what seems to be failing? Do you get the “uploading” bar once you have selected your file? Does it give any error message?

Maybe also, what kind of file is it, and what browser are you using?

It gives me “file too big” hilighted pink error message. That was a 25.8 kb file

Explorer - jpg.

sorry I never got back to this… I will see if there is some kind of “upload from explorer” issue that I can work out…

I have a couple of beautiful items I would like to trade. Wondering how to do this? Should I send pics to you . Is there a directional process to do it?
One of my items is an incredible kachina, Eagle Dancer, purchased at the Heard in 1993-4, by Reyes Kootswatewa. The workmanship is outstanding! The artist is since deceased.
The second item is a gorgeous squash that is from the 30’s-40"s? Not sure…but old ! It is heavy with turquoise and has a chain inside used for stringing. Just never wear it. I have a couple others, but, this is the most exquisite.

Hello, you can send the pictures to or post them here if you are wanting to trade with the forum community.

a friend made this video of ‘some’ of my, jewelry… ( it mostly all on face book) I closed my shop in 01 after a accident… It is mostly all old American, natural and signed… I have some Sugalite ( rough and jewelry) I have a bit of older King-man not all shown, with the spider web. ( most stones were from the Zach Zachary collection, after he passed in the 90’s) Very heavy silver… I have a awesome large
concho belt ( 13 concho’s I think with nickle to quarter size Blue Gem stones, by I think Fred Guerro …The one in this video is #8 with the smaller stones. ( also the Guerro family Don’t know what I want to do with it… any ideas? I have a lot of Dry Creek, as we cut most of it in the 90’s…I also have a Bantea Cardinal ring (Zuni) …If any one is interested…, subject: Turquoise Lady

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I thought I was the Turquoise Lady! Only kidding! Yo have beautiful pieces. I am a native Arizonian and my birthstone is turquoise and my absolute fav! Do you have prices on any of your things? I am very interested especially in squash blossom and cuff bracelets. Thanks Ina Young 480-390-0420 Oh, I a terribly sorry about your accident it can sure put a damper on your lifestyle. I am a glass artist and have degenerative back syndrome…what a deal…but I keep on keeping on! Good luck!

Hello. I’m hoping this message reaches you, considering the date of your post. I’d be interested in discussing the Kachina by Reyes if you’re still looking to sell it. Thank you.