Trying to figure out the true hallmark on a concho belt

I recently bought a concho belt and it had a raised square stamped with the initials CB. Conchos are all silver and are 2 7/8” x 2 1/8”. There are ten in all including the buckle. The entire belt weights 440grams.
The belt arrived today and I noticed that there was another hallmark and the word sterling hidden under the belt leather. “AT and sterling “. Finding that made me check one of the conchos. I loosened it enough to see the edge of the back and it had the same AT stamp. When I researched AT I found Atkinsons Trading and several artists. Everyone used a similar conjoined hallmark. My hallmark is a separate AT.
It looks like the CB plaque may have been a later addition as the silver is rough next to it. So who can help me figure this out? Is this a shop made belt or possibly machine made belt? Everything is uniform! And who on earth is AT?
And finally, after we get the truth about the belt, what is the thing actually worth? If it was sold with an altered hallmark I might have to ask for a refund.
Thanks for your help. This is a first for me and I’m not sure how to get to the bottom of it.image image image image image

Going through the different hallmarks Charlie Bowie makes most sense for the CB. You find that he combines stamping and overlay in other works. I don’t know about the AT, you think of Atkinson Trading of having the T form the line across the A. However, Charlie Bowie does seem to make a variety of looks and having a smith with these skills in a shop setting makes sense. I have a message out to a relative of Charlie’s and we will see what information he can get.

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Thanks. I’m really curious to know. The person I bought it from said that she had inherited it and made no mention of the AT hallmark. It’s possible that she never saw it. I found the mark on the buckle while I was checking out my new belt and then looked further. Did find out this morning that it’s bigger than my belt loops. Lol!

@Jason, did you ever hear back from Charlie Bowie’s relative? Thanks

We never did, but we showed the belt to Roland Long who has worked with him in the past and he felt like this was his work.

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Thank you for all of your help. Do you think $400 is a fair price?
@Jason, someone mentioned Anasazi Traders. Wonder if that might be who he was working for at the time.

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That is a fair price. Roland said he worked for a number of different shops. Anasazi Traders does lots of work and I know a number of guys/gals that work there.

Ok I’m reviving this concho belt conversation. Can someone please give me a fair retail price? I am considering selling. Thanks for your help.

I think something like $600 - $750.

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Thank you for your speedy reply. Happy Monday and enjoy your day. :blush: