Trying to find info and value of an old concho belt

We inherited this belt from my aunt who was a collector of indian art, with a ranch in southern Idaho and a home in Jackson Hole. It is something we are considering selling but with the vairiance in pricing we would like to know more about it first.

The belt itself is 30" long with 4 ovals and 5 butterfly conchos. The buckle is 4" x 3.5" and weighs 4.5oz, each oval is 4" x 3" and weighs approximately 2oz, and the butterflys are 3" x 1.5" and weigh about 1.1oz each.

I can find no markings. The leather is worn but all the conchos are in excellent condition, other than tarnishing. None of the stones appear to be chipped or damaged, and are very beautiful turquoise (possibly Kingman?)

Thank you in advance for any input.

<img src=/uploads/db3169/original/1X/f250546b4811fdf606e59f44884c95695a1aa01e.jpg">

<img src=/uploads/db3169/original/1X/76e894e0268ec2d0b3a78470275f1c8fb3f5400e.jpg">

<img src=/uploads/db3169/original/1X/1d159f61150ad29ae8b8d84ce2c6cd40e406187c.jpg">

<img src=/uploads/db3169/original/1X/8dccd5798c47110dbd36a12b460484d661b32b1a.jpg">

<img src=/uploads/db3169/original/1X/3454635d1947e7e562af4e60b882239070625dfe.jpg">

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Hello, the belt appears to be a Navajo handmade piece, circa 1970s. It looks like Kingman Turquoise. It is always difficult from a picture, but I believe that we would sell something like this for around $1500.