Trying to find out artist with initials

Have a wide silver cuff bracelet with inlaid design of a Thunderbird with stamped initials of LN.

welcome to turquoise people. A picture of the piece would help greatly, thanks.

  1. *not sure how to attach a picture here.

When you post or reply, click on the 7th icon above where you type. It looks like a photo with the sun and a mountain scene. That is the photo upload button.

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Here is my bracelet that hopefully will help for identifying the artist. Thank you.


Bille Hougart 4th ed. Native American and Southwestern silver Hallmark has this hallmark attributed to Lolita Natachu, Zuni: active since the 1970s. If you google her name you will find many cuffs of similar (and even a couple identical ones) attributed to her and many show the same hallmark. Prices are in the $500-700 range.