Trying to get an opinion about the types of turquoise in two rings

I have two rings that I’d like to find out more about. One is blue with an almost black matrix. I liked the way the roping was loosely wrapped as well as the stamped drops on top and bottom. I think the turquoise may be Chinese Hubei but I’d like an opinion from someone with more experience.
The other is a green/blue with a small amount of brown matrix and one little spot of pyrite. Is this a water web? Any ideas on which mine?Also value?


I think your assessments are right on. I would call that Chinese, and the other Kingman with what appears to be a water webbing. Both are good everyday rings that show your appreciation of Native American jewelry. $45 - $60 rings.

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Thanks for the answer. I’m trying to learn but it sure would be easier if I were involved with it in person daily. Maybe someday. In the meanwhile, I’ll just keep studying, buying and wearing. Turquoise has become a way of life for me.