Trying to Identify Hallmark

Hoping someone could recognize the artists signature from this bracelet? It was a gift from a collector friend in New Mexico but neither she nor I are able to I.d. The Hallmark. We Were told it may be Roland H. Begay but can not verify that.


This reminds me of work by Darryl Bicenti or maybe a Bicenti in the same Navajo family with that same surname…It’s really a nice piece😍

Think this just got identified in another post as Randy Boyd

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@Islandmomma got it, it’s Randy Boyd Begay Cuff Turquoise Type and Value? - #9 by Jason


I see where some sellers are calling this mark as belonging to Randy Boyd, but can’t find anything to confirm it. There are 3 other maker’s marks in the latest Hougart. Do we have proof? Thanks!

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Go back to the link Bree posted above your comment. It takes you to a post where Jason says he does piece work for Perry Null.