Trying to identify the turquoise in this Nestoria Coriz pendant

Got this recently and think it may have some age to it. Her necklaces that I have seen are usually multi strand with a large bail on the pendant. Would like to know what type of turquoise is in this pendant. The green/blue varies in depth of color with the lighter area in the middle. The matrix is a deep brown. Any help will be appreciated. An approximate value would also be helpful. Thanks C5AF4A84-D4CC-4822-A15E-3EEED4ADBBCC 0840AA9C-9544-4B6C-96B4-65E6CC9F5533 61D80F34-A872-45FF-969C-0E3653339519 9168594A-8825-4E87-A5A6-D258207F744E


Not sure if I answered myself but I dug out a cuff that I hadn’t worn in a while and it coordinates nicely. It was identified as Kingman. The pendant is darker so it may be different. Either way I have a new set.904D8344-F331-4449-9F29-4A94B839CBB1 73D54755-40E2-4268-8E0E-2D533F3305C3


I will go with it, nice set.

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