Trying to identify this brooch

Hello, I am hoping that someone can help me to identify this brooch if possible.
I bought it recently and I am wondering if it could be a Native American piece.
Any help will be appreciated.

Kind Regards

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Hello Denise,

It could be Native American. Can you tell me if the piece has a hallmark on the backside, or take a picture of it? Also, what exactly is it that I am looking at, that piece that comes across the front? How do you use this piece, a pin in the back? Thank you for sharing.


Hello Jason,
This piece is a brooch of a peacock; it measures about 2" in length. There is no hallmark, stamp, or signature on the piece. What I find slightly confusing is that the pin has a trombone clasp. I have never seen a Native American piece with such a pin. Nor have I ever come across a brooch that is mirror image front and back the same. I do believe this could be of quality because of the workmanship. Do you think Native Americans used Trombone fixtures on their brooches? In addition, did Native Americans ever use peacock as a subject for their Jewellery?

Hello Jason, it is me once again I want to thank you for showing some intrest
I can take more pictures if you like. showing how the clasp works.

Kind Regards

I didn’t realize I was looking at both sides the first go around. Didn’t put two and two together. I have never seen an artist from this area (Navajo, Hopi, Zuni) ever do this double sided work. The peacock is not something you find in art here either, but that doesn’t mean it is not impossible. What is equally confusing is the style of pin. Based on those things I would not believe this to have been made by Native Americans from this area. Again, thank you for sharing.

Hi - to my eye this looks eastern in origin and they use the peacock a lot in India within their symbology.

I have a double sided pendant, sandcast with a stone set either side - so this style (two sides) can’t be ruled out.

Thank you Twohawks, for viewing and for the information. Going to do a lot more research.
It would be nice to see the brooch you are talking about.
Kind Regards

Hi Denise,

On looking at your brooch again I think that you might look towards Persian imagagery.
The way tail curves and the three feathers in the opposite direction below the wing is similar to some Arabic design that I’ve seen.

Here’s an image of my pendant by Watson Honanie - the Hopi made the double sided spinner pendants - this piece (he said via email) that he made by sand casting during the 70’s. Sorry only have one side on file.

Good luck with your research! - TH