Trying to identify “unidentified marking 32”

Hey y’all, so I inherited a Concho belt and the only info I can find about it is that the markings match the “Unidentified marking 32” from the database on If anyone has additional info or suggestions on how I could do further silver sleuthing on this piece, I’d be extremely grateful. Thanks so much!!!


Welcome to the forum! Some of the members on here have great Native American hallmark reference books; hopefully they will be able to find it. But I often find that these unidentified hallmarks remain a mystery (with a quick look I couldn’t find it anywhere else). But occasionally someone here will have a piece with the same hallmark.

I can’t decide if that is a figure or the initials HC (kinda looks like a cattle brand :laughing:. It’s a beautiful concho belt!


nothing found in 5th edition


Thank you sooo much @Ziacat for the input and your help! I feel better having tried and gathered as much info as I feel I can and now all that’s left to do is enjoy my belt :heart_eyes:. Thank you again!

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And thank you @Steve as well for searching for info and getting back to me. I really appreciate y’all’s time and effort. It has helped scratch my curiosity itch and put it to rest as best I can :yum:. Thanks!