Tsosie hallmarks

I need some factual information regarding the hallmarks E sterlingT and ET. I have been told that ErVin Tsosie used ET as an early hallmark and now uses script Ervin P. Tsosie in a box like hallmark. I believe his brother, ErWin uses E sterlingT and has been verified by reputable sources. Many people believe they are one and the same person, and that the E sterling T hallmark is used by ErVin Tsosie. Help, Is there anyone in Gallup who can state info on this. There is also another brother, Irvin who works in a shop I have several pieces and I would really like to verify makers. I have one signed in script so know that is ErVin. Rest are E sterling T

If you can post front and back images of the items that may help identify individual works.

I can do that but not sure how to do that. Photos on my phone. welcome suggestions

I have included hallmarks from Ervin Tsosie pieces we have had. The E Sterling T with the fetish is one we had commissioned him to make, so lets you know that he used that one. I want to say (although I couldn’t find an image) that he used ET, then his brother (Erwin) started using ET. That is why he started using E sterling T, then Erwin started using it. Now we have his full name. Ervin hasn’t been making much jewelry and lost a number of tools in a fire. Ervin always made a more impressive piece, but Erwin has started to improve. You can tell the difference between the two even if they have the same hallmark.

When you reply with the box you type in, you will see a rectangular box. Pretend it is a postcard with a small mountain and a cloud. Click it and then choose your images from your phone.

Thank You, Thank you. Are you at Perry Null as employee or buyer? The missing piece for me is that they both used ET and E sterling T. Perhaps there is some animosity there. There is no comparison between my ErVin cuff and two faux opal cuffs by ErWin, The earrings are harder to identify . I have asked Bullie Hougart to do some research on E sterling T but he not interested. ErWin should be acknowledged in books as many people do not even know he exists and assume their pierces are ErVin. I get that newer pieces are identifiable with script hallmark but older pieces are not so easy. I can not tell you how much I appreciate this!

Tsosie earrings turquoise

I believe these earrings are made by ErWin Tsosie

Tsosie earrings-2

I believe these earrings are made by ErVin Tsosie.

tsosie cuff second pic

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this is for Jason Bought several years ago at Perry Null and is a prized possession. Thought you might enjoy seeing it.