I love these, they’re very striking and the detail on them is awesome. I’m assuming these are Hopi? Any ideas on the imagery here? They look a bit like turkeys to me but I hadn’t found any similar symbols online other than a mention of four feathers usually indicating a turkey.

There’s no maker’s mark, just a sterling stamp. Also, thoughts on turquoise type?


This is a Navajo earring, think of Leonard Nez. The design is usually considered a fan which you see in Native American Church ceremonies.

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@Jason thanks for the guidance…I was way off! What type of turquoise do you think this is?

The sugulite (charoite?) / silver line worked onto the stone is amazing in its tiny detail.

I am totally with you…I saw turkeys too…and I raise the silly birds!
Nice earrings!


Definite Turkeys… Very nice!!!


Those are beautiful! Definitely see a turkey, but also the head looks a little like a pelican.

One way I have been able to tell Hopi from Navajo is to look closely at the black areas. Hopi usually has a lot of little etching marks in the black. If that makes sense.

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