Turquoise, Amethyst, Silver Necklace

This could go in several different categories. Posting here.

This is not legally N/A, as I am just under 20% N/A. I made it about 25 years ago. Wanted a Turquoise and Amethyst necklace.
It is nicer than the photos show.

The Turquoise nuggets were in a bag labeled Sleeping Beauty, stabilized. T-Bird Supply 1986.
The drilled Turquoise was in a bag labeled Kingman, T-Bird Supply 1986.
The handwriting was mine.
T-Bird Supply refers to Thunderbird Supply, Gallup, NM.

The 2” Amethyst point was self collected near Thunder Bay in 1990. We were there digging in mine tailings. I removed this point from a larger piece. The Amethyst teardrops were purchased in the late 1990’s.
The silver findings are Sterling.
The necklace is about 22” long.

I am thinking about taking this apart and making a nicer one with some of the materials. Same basic design.
Am curious if the Turquoise nuggets are really Sleeping Beauty. They contain what I think is Pyrite. Some type of white mineral in places. Some areas have yellowish quartz(?).
It is very hard to get a photograph of the true colors.

Would I ruin the Turquoise by using acetone to remove the bails on the nuggets? Want to put better bails on or wire wrap them.

Is anyone willing to place an estimated value, as is?
I would not be trying to sell it.
Am guessing the value would be the going rate for used jewelry pieces and parts.
Thank you.


The stones don’t look like sleeping beauty but are still attractive. One of them looks like it still has stabilizing resin on it. Not sure about the Kingman. But I’m not great on turquoise ID.

I would take the spring rings holding the nugget assemblies off the necklace and gently heat the metal in tweezers or jewelers clamp while pulling the stone off. A regular wooden match should be enough, or soldering iron. The glue should loosen enough before the stone heats up. When the glue is cool again on the stone much of it may come off with a fingernail.



Thanks. Yes, those colors are more accurate.